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About Us

Stratford's was formed by George William Stratford after he was demobbed in 1918 opening  
his first shop 123 Norfolk Street selling army boots. Over many years Stratford's opened shops  
in many market towns throughout East Anglia.          
In addition goods were also sold at local markets from goods displayed on the ground and  
it was at these markets that George was assisted by his daughter Audrey who took control  
of the business after the deaths of her parents in 1951 and 1959 respectively.

Audrey continued at the forefront of the business ably assisted by numerous directors including
Bernard Bruce who in tern was followed by his son Colin.

Colin saw the opportunity to expand into the industrial sector, indeed this is now the only  
side of the business still operating with the downturn in retail leading to the closure of all   
other shops.

With the continued growth of the industrial business the company relocated to North Lynn  
in 1995 with Miss Stratford still at the forefront.

Prior to her death in 2000 Audrey set up The Audrey Muriel Stratford Charitable Trust.  
Colin Bruce continued as MD until he left the business in 2008 at which point Stuart Biggar  
was appointed CEO along with Stuart three members of the trust form the board of today's  
company which continues to go from strength to strength.
For further information on the trust please go to www.amstratford-trust.org