Travel First Aid Kit (MK32414)

Travel First Aid Kit (MK32414)

SKU: MK32414
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When employees are working away from the employer’s establishment, the employer must still provide first aid cover.

All travelling employees must be supplied with a first aid kit. Essential First Aid Kit for all travelling employees.

These kits have the minimum HSE content however it is anticipated that the new BS8599 compliant first aid kits will become best practice and replace the HSE content.

HSE travel kits have content suitable for one travelling person.

Plastic Box 227 x 165 x 47mm

HSE Guidance Leaflet 1
Sterile 18 x 18 cm Large Dressing 1
Washproof Plasters (Pack 10) 1
Triangular Bandage 2
Nitrile Disposable Glove – Pair 1
Assorted Safety Pins (Pack 6) 1
Sterile Moist Cleansing Wipe 4

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