Sanisafe Disinfectant  Wipes 2000 (QRD2000)

Sanisafe Disinfectant Wipes 2000 (QRD2000)

SKU: B81200008
  • £20.65

The compact QRD system dramatically improves hygiene and offers additional cost savings for storage and distribution. Environmentally friendly and available in medium and heavyweight.

  • Its smaller size aperture in the vertical rather than horizontal axis minimising the risk of physical contamination spoiling the impregnated log.
  • For every GBP/€ 1 spent to dispose of a 10L bucket, the same disposal cost for a 10L QRD is GBP/€ 0.0059.
  • For every one pallet 10L QRD in your warehouse or shipped, you need to ship three pallets 10L bucket format – three times as much.
  • QRD improving hygiene, reducing waste, caring for your environment

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