SEGRE FFP-3 Valved Masks (15)

SEGRE FFP-3 Valved Masks (15)

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This mask is exactly the same as the Segre P3 model, but it provides an exhalation valve.

The valve reduces the temperature, the condensation and humidity inside masks. It also facilitates the exhalation of the worker and therefore the mask offers less resistance to breathe.

Segre P3

Segre P3 is the most efficient mask in terms of filtration. Segre P3 protects against solid and liquid particles and in addition is also effective against bacteria, viruses and radioactive dust.


These masks have been approved by INSPEC, UK and meet the European standard EN 149:2001 for FFP3 masks. This means that the respirators protect you against solid particles and water-based non-volatile liquid particles. Moreover the masks also have passed the dolomite test.


The nominal protection factor is 50 and the protection assigned is 20. Respirators can be used in concentrations not exceeding 50 times the occupational exposure limits.

The Segre P3 mask has been proved in the following aspects: filtration, flammability, resistance to breathing, internal filter, and a general assessment test in accordance with the European standard that included the exposure of 120mg test.

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