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Nitri-Tech III® Flock Lined (94)

Nitri-Tech III® Flock Lined (94)

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The Nitri-Tech III flock-lined glove provides wearers with a range of features and benefits which make it not only comfortable and safe, but suitable for a range of applications.

The key features of this re-usable nitrile glove include:


Offers very good abrasion and puncture resistance and protects against a wide range of chemicals, including strong detergents, oils and certain solvents.


Non-slip diamond pattern on the palm of the glove enhances grip in both wet and dry conditions.


Anatomically shaped for increased comfort and to minimise hand fatigue. The soft cotton flock lining eases wear and removal, whilst absorbing perspiration to keep hands cool and comfortable. The synthetic rubber is free of latex, eliminating allergies for sensitive skin.


The Nitri-Tech III achieves the maximum abrasion score as defined by European Standard EN388.


Contains a fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent to protect the wearer and help keep the gloves in a good condition for longer.

ANTI-STATIC: This glove has antistatic properties, meeting the EN1149 part1: 1995 surface resistivity requirements.

Available in blue and green

Thickness: 0.40mm
(Single Wall measured at palm)


Polyco recommends that the Nitri Tech III (flock-lined) can be used for the following: Printing, Agricultural Work, Manufacturing & Assembly, Cleaning & Janitorial, Local Authority Work, Food Processing & Packing and Automotive Maintenance & Repair.

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